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Many people, given sound guidelines will have the interest and ability to handle their own landscape gardening. Many others will wish to call on the services of a landscape gardener. Those who have a love of gardens and the wish to create an individual garden layout for themselves, will find "Garden Design - The Book" invaluable.

The book is design-oriented to help you produce the garden you want. It takes you step-by-step through the essential planning stages, and teaches you to look at, and understand gardens and what goes into their make-up, discusses materials to use, garden styles, how to get it all together and put your final plan into action.

The 52 page, illustrated A4 size book is written in a simple to follow manner. Each chapter is designed to help you produce another link in a chain of planning, so that you finish the book with a workable garden design which you can implement either on your own or with the additional help of a tradesman.



Working out your needs.
Understanding your site and drawing it up.
Measuring and drawing up a plan.
Some different options you may not have thought of.
Deciding upon the expenses.
Pools - ornamental and swimming.
An Introduction to Plants.
Making plants work for you.
The English style garden - Formal & Informal.
The native garden.
Drawing the final landscape plan.
Keeping a Garden Going - Maintenance.

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